The Fab one
   hundred and Four

By David Bedford

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David’s first book, “Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles”

The Fab 104

The new book from David Bedford

John Lennon: The boy who became a legend

Michael Hill’s new book (edited by David) about  how Michael turned his school friend onto rock ‘n’ roll

Fest for Beatles Fans - New York

15-17 April 2016

Fest for Beatles Fans - Chicago August 2016

Liverpool International Beatles Festival August 2016

The Quarrymen to The Fab Four The Beatles members

The Evolution of The Beatles

Some of the photos in the book

The Quarrymen

John at Quarry Bank

Norman Chapman

The Silver Beetles

Bill Smith

Ian James

Stu Sutcliffe

The Beatles

The Jacaranda

The Chants

Eddie Clayton Skiffle

Paul’s School Register

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The Quarrymen on procession in Woolton on 6th July 1957

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Bill Smith, Pete Shotton, John Lennon, Don Beattie and Mike Hill

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First photos of drummer Norman Chapman

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The photos from Cheniston Roland of The Silver Beetles.

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Bill Smith, one of the founder members of The Quarrymen

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Ian James, who taught Paul to play guitar

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Rare photos of Stuart Sutcliffe from his friend Rod Murray

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The Beatles with Allan Williams and Lord Woodbine

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The Royal Caribbean Steel Band in The Jacaranda

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The Chants who were backed by The Beatles

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The Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group with Ringo on drums

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Paul’s entry in the Liverpool Institute register