The Fab one
   hundred and Four

By David Bedford

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David’s first book, “Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles”

The Fab 104

The new book from David Bedford

John Lennon: The boy who became a legend

Michael Hill’s new book (edited by David) about  how Michael turned his school friend onto rock ‘n’ roll

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The Quarrymen to The Fab Four The Beatles members

The Evolution of The Beatles

The Fab 104 - The Book

School Records and Personal Letters

To supplement the story, there are rare and previously unseen letters, photographs and school registers for you to examine, as well as excerpts from The Quarry Bank magazine, which included one of John’s drawings. There is also the full Quarry Bank song, from where they took their name from.

Who did you say?

In the Fab 104, there will be many names that you may never have heard of, like Red Carter (right), Colin Manley, Arthur Pendleton, Marie Maguire, Buddy Britten, Tanya Day, Read all about how these important people played a part in the story of The Beatles.  

The Musicians

Stuart Sutcliffe

Rare Archive Photos

Rare Beatles Photos

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Grid of all the musicians in the story

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Rare photos of Stuart Sutcliffe and the various band members

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Rare archive photos

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The Quarrymen on the day John met Paul

The Beatles’ Musical Influences

Who taught them to play? Who inspired them? Who invested in their musical talent? I examine each musician and their musical journey. For example, John’s guitar was bought for him by his mum Julia, who also taught him to play. He also took harmonica lessons from one of Julia’s neighbours. Each person with a direct influence is counted in the Fab 104.

The Musicians who played with The Beatles

As well as the musical influences, I chart the different musicians who played with  The Beatles, from the very first lineup of The Quarrymen, through to The Fab Four: John, Paul, George and Ringo. For the first time, you will be able to see photos of Norman Chapman (left) and read his personal story.

I was backed by The Beatles

During the years 1956 to 1962, I also list the singers and musicians who were backed by The Beatles, like Royston Ellis (left), Janice The Stripper, Tanya Day, Davy Jones and may more.

Some of the “extras” in The Fab one hundred and Four”

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