The Fab one
   hundred and Four

By David Bedford

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David’s first book, “Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles”

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The new book from David Bedford

John Lennon: The boy who became a legend

Michael Hill’s new book (edited by David) about  how Michael turned his school friend onto rock ‘n’ roll

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The Evolution of The Beatles

Foreword to The Fab one hundred and Four,
by Bill Harry

When I received a copy of ‘Liddypool’, David’s first book, I was happy to regard it as something of a tour-de-force, the best book about the Mersey music scene published so far. In addition, it was a superbly designed and produced publication by respected American publishers Dalton Watson. Hundreds of photographs, many never seen before, together with detailed tales covering the Beatles origins and life in Liverpool, the result of seven years of dedicated research during which David has travelled to all areas of Liverpool, investigating every nook and cranny which had a Beatles association.

‘Liddypool’ was a familiar phrase to me because John created it in a ‘Beatcomber’ piece I’d asked him to write for me in Mersey Beat in an item I’d entitled ‘Around and About’, which was basically a spoof on a piece I’d written myself as a round-up of places in Liverpool.

I was also amazed and pleased to note that it was my own ‘John Lennon Encyclopaedia’, which had inspired David to embark on his first adventure in writing. ‘Liddypool’ proved to be an amazing first-time creation, surpassing previous books on the Mersey music adventure.

Now David has done it again with this incredibly fascinating research into many people associated with the Beatles in Liverpool, albeit people who have rarely, if ever, been written about.

Of course, this is all familiar to me as I’ve interviewed or been a friend of virtually all of them over the decades and have included lots of them in my own works. However, this volume contains a rich vein of stories from people whose importance I have acknowledged, but many who people are completely unaware of and will be a welcome eye-opener to the thousands of Beatles fans around the world.

This adds a new dimension to the Beatles story because these interviews provide a much-needed insight into the Liverpool lives and the relationships enjoyed by John, Paul, George, Ringo and Pete in those formative years.

A treasure chest of research and a visual delight, this will prove to be a work no Beatles fan should be without.

Bill Harry
Founder of Mersey Beat.