The Fab one
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By David Bedford

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David’s first book, “Liddypool: Birthplace of The Beatles”

The Fab 104

The new book from David Bedford

John Lennon: The boy who became a legend

Michael Hill’s new book (edited by David) about  how Michael turned his school friend onto rock ‘n’ roll

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The Quarrymen to The Fab Four The Beatles members

The Evolution of The Beatles


Find out more about The Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles from The Quarrymen to the Fab Four

This book details The Evolution of The Beatles from The Quarrymen to the Fab Four. Who were The Quarrymen? How did they become The Fab Four?  There are 104 people in the story - find out who they were

“A treasure chest of research and a visual delight, this will prove to be a work no Beatles fan should be without.”
                                                    Bill Harry, founder of Mersey Beat


David Bedford, the contemporary scribe of Liverpool life, has done it again. This book, graphically supreme as "Liddypool", takes you closer to the way it was. This is the real thing by a man who knows the famed musical and social history of his city like few others. His pride in Liverpool is contagious.

Larry Kane, Beatles author

Do You Need Another Beatles Book?

Stuart Sutcliffe

Every member of the group, from The Quarrymen to The Beatles, with a profile of each, like Stu Sutcliffe more

Every key event in chronological order, with a detailed examination of how each member joined the band, with eyewitness testimonies more

Ian James who taught Beatle Paul McCartney to play guitar

Read the stories of the friends, family and musicians who taught and inspired The Beatles. more

The Chants who were backed by The Beatles

The artists who were backed by The Beatles during their early days, including artists like The Chants more

When one considers The Beatles' musical influences, several names naturally come to mind: Harold Phillips, Ian James, Vinnie Ismael, Michael Hill, Marie Maguire and Arthur Pendleton. What's that you say? Never heard of them? Well, surely these names from the Fab lineup strike a chord: Norman Chapman and Ronnie The Ted . No?

Well, remember when the boys were joined onstage by household names like Tanya Day, Royston Ellis, Simone Jackson and Janice The Stripper? Hmmm.  Don't ring a bell?

This is the entire point of Liddypool author David Bedford's newest historical romp, The FAB One Hundred and FOUR, a meticulously-researched, lavishly-illustrated and thoughtfully-written volume that addresses the important, but largely unknown or forgotten players in the evolution of that little band from Liverpool known as The Beatles.  

So much has been written about the group, one would think there's little left to cover. But Bedford has ventured into uncharted territory, fleshing out the lives of the unsung heroes – and heroines – of The Beatles' incredible beginnings and rise to fame.

The FAB one hundred and FOUR is a meticulously-researched, thoughtfully-written and lavishly-illustrated volume that addresses the important, but largely unknown players in the evolution of The Beatles.

Mark Naboshek, Collector

 What the experts say about The Fab 104

Who taught Paul?

Paul McCartney The Book

The story of the friend who taught Paul to play guitar

Norman Chapman

The Book

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The exclusive pictures and story of Norman Chapman

Fab 104 cover The Book

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Silver Beatles drummer Norman Chapman Silver Beatles Drummer Tommy Moore

Who Are The “Fab One Hundred and Four”?

The Book

A Review of The Fab one hundred and Four

In the Fab 104, the author records all of The Beatles members, from John Lennon’s first group The Quarrymen, to Beatles members you may not have heard of. Every member of The Quarrymen or The Beatles is listed, the Fab Four, performers and musical inspirations!

The story of how the group went from being The Quarrymen to The Beatles runs a long and winding road through many different musicians and band members. During this time, they also provided backing for several singers and occasionally had guest musicians join them on stage. Also included in the list are important people who either taught them to play or had a direct influence on their performances. Each one of these one hundred and four people is included in the story. This is how The Beatles evolved from a group of friends playing skiffle music, calling themselves The Quarrymen (also spelled Quarry Men – there is no definitive way to spell it) to becoming the biggest band in the annals of popular music. The story begins in the summer of 1956 and takes you through to the end of 1962 when the  final piece of the jigsaw, the addition of drummer Ringo Starr, saw The Fab Four completed.

The Quarrymen:

The Quarrymen were formed at Quarry Bank School in the summer of 1956 by John Lennon (guitar), Pete Shotton (Washboard), Eric Griffiths (guitar) and Bill Smith (tea-chest bass). They were soon joined by Rod Davis on banjo.

Bill Smith soon left, and was replaced on tea-chest bass by Nigel Walley, then Ivan Vaughan before Len Garry became the permanent replacement in The Quarrymen.

Colin Hanton then joined the Quarrymen as drummer.

On 6th July 1957, Paul McCartney auditioned before John Lennon when the Quarrymen performed at the Woolton Garden Fete (right), and soon joined the group.

By December 1957, Pete Shotton and Rod Davis had left, then Eric Griffiths was replaced by George Harrison, with the Quarrymen being just John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Colin Hanton.

In the spring of 1958 they were joined on piano by John Duff Lowe.

After Colin left the Quarrymen, the group stopped performing and George joined the Les Stewart Quartet.

The Quarrymen then re-formed to open the Casbah Coffee Club on 29th August 1959, with John, Paul, George and Ken Brown. After a few weeks, there was a disagreement with Ken and the group were thrown out of the Casbah. This was the last time they used the name Quarrymen.

The Quarrymen when John Lennon met Paul McCartney

The Quarrymen

Quarrymen founder member Bill Smith Quarrymen Ivan Vaughan who introduced Paul McCartney to John Lennon

Bill Smith, founding member of The Quarrymen

Ivan Vaughan, Quarrymen member then introduced Paul McCartney to John Lennon

Eddie Amoo

Edmund Ankrah

Joe Ankrah

Bill  Barlow

Mona Best

Pete  Best

Cilla Black

John Brierley

Buddy Britten

Ken Brown

Johnny 'Guitar' Byrne

Steve Calrow

Red Carter

Howie Casey

Les Chadwick

Norman Chapman

Rod Davis

Tanya Day

John Docherty

Craig Douglas

Keith Draper

Royston Ellis

Freddie Fascher

Horst Fascher

Stan Foster

Len Garry

Johnny Gentle

Harry Graves

Brian Griffiths

Eric Griffiths

Johnny Gustafson

Colin Hanton

Alan Harding

George Harrison

Peter Harrison

Billy Hatton

Peter Healey

Len Houghton

Billy Hughes

Johnny Hutchinson

Vinnie Ismael

Simone Jackson

Ian James

Don Jefferson

Davy Jones

Arthur Kelly

Geoff "George" Lee

John Lennon

Julia  Lennon

Zancs Logie

Dave Lovelady

John Duff Lowe

Les Maguire

Colin Manley

Freddie Marsden

Gerry Marsden

Gladys Jill Martin

Dave May

Jim McCartney

Michael McCartney

Paul McCartney

Ray McFall

Mickey McGrellis

Dave McKew

Colin  Melander

Tommy Moore

Eddie Myles

Chas Newby

Geoff Nugent

Charles 'Ty Brian' O'Brien

Brian O'Hara

 Orange Lodge

Arthur Pendleton

Cliff Roberts

Alan Robinson

Tony Sheridan

Pete Shotton

 Silver Band

Ray Skinner

Nat Smeda

Bill Smith

David Smith

George Smith

Ringo (Richy)  Starr (Starkey)

Les Stewart

Rory (Alan Caldwell) Storm

Stuart Sutcliffe

Odie Taylor


Ronnie 'The Ted'

Karl Terry

Aneurin Thomas

Roy Trafford

Ivan Vaughan

Gene Vincent

Klaus Voormann

Nigel Walley

Jeff Wallington

Lu Walters

Andy White

Paul Whitehead

Derry Wilkie

Alan Williams

Roy  Young

From The Quarrymen to the Fab Four - The Members of
The Beatles and the FAB 104 in alphabetical order

George Harrison before joing The Quarrymen

For the full list of The Quarrymen and Beatles members, plus how they became the Fab Four - read it here

With so many Beatles books out there, do you really need another? If you can answer the following questions, you don’t need it. If you can’t - you know what to do!!

1. Who suggested to John that he should start a skiffle      group, and lent him his first guitar?
2. Was John’s group ever known as The Blackjacks?
3. Who taught Paul to play guitar?
4. Who gave George guitar lessons in school?
5. Which Beatle was in the Cadillacs?


The Quarrymen to The Fab Four - The Evolution of The Beatles

“David is defining and refining Beatles history” - Edd Raineri, Beatledd Fab Four Hour

I READ THE NEWS TODAY, OH BOY! “Check out “The Fab One Hundred and Four,” a new book written by author/ Beatles scholar David Bedford. Exhaustively researched and illustrated with terrific (and rare) photos, the book tills the fertile soil of the band’s early history by examining the Liverpool musicians who influenced John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr” Michael Starr, New York Post

George Harrison of The Quarrymen and The Beatles Ringo Starr of The Beatles Stuart Sutcliffe of The Beatles Pete Best of The Beatles Paul McCartney of The Quarrymen and The Beatles

Read more about the members of “The Fab one hundred and Four” in the BLOG .

People like Arthur

Pendleton (right)


Arthur Pendleton


The Fab one hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles,
from The Quarrymen to The Fab Four - ‘56 -’62